Starting a blog is hard

It really is, surprisingly so. I’ve been working (or something like that) on launching a blog since (looking up) at least January 2005 ..

and I’ve postponed finishing this sentence for two days after I wrote those two dots. Might be that this is a study in procrastination, amongst other things.

Why is this stuck so hard? I’m not really sure - or probably don’t want to be. Part is perfectionism, part is the perception of “not doing it right”, “not being good enough” that was ingrained in my childhood. Not really being twenty anymore (approaching my forties, rather), I should have left all of this behind, but - I haven’t.

So, what is this blog, then? While I’m writing this, I still have to do the ‘About’ section, which should cover more of the what and how and why - but part of it certainly is a catharsis, a cleansing of the soul, a writing-down of stuff that moves me and defines my inner world - which in some parts is rich, in other dull, in yet others pure drivel.

What is missing? Right now, I still want to finish the visual theme (CSS); integrate proper multi-languge capability (with language switching) into the blog software used (blogofile); write an about section; and probably some different bits of content. I don’t know whether I want integrations with google+, facebook, twitter, disqus, flattr and the like done before I launch, but they certainly are one the list - albeit in a reasonably privacy-protecting way, with configurable opt-out for google, and opt-in for the others. Not sure about flickr, but anonymous / no track access should be possible in general.

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