Happiness and Pleasure

The pursuit of happiness is a large part of “The American Dream”, and more often than not also the goal of many individuals out there, and quite a few I know …

… they say, happiness is fleeting - is it, though?

Right now, a part of me is quite unhappy, which - when I look closer - is a rather fleeting emotion as well, though. Underlying it - or rather looking beyond it - there’s a profound contentment, a satisfaction with both a life being lived well, friends I cherish, options and opportunities for growth already visible on my path, and a generally positive personal outlook.

But still, not all of this development, not all of these ongoing changes are pleasant, even is they lead to even deeper happiness in the long run .. so, what’s actually going on?

What really struck me hard in the last few weeks is the video Pleasure Doesn’t Bring Happiness, which explains in moderate detail that we’re - often enough - mistaking Pleasure (Dopamine) and Happiness (Serotonin), often to our detriment.

The problem - simply put - is: Searching for Pleasure (because we mistake it with Happiness) lowers both our ability to achieve Happiness AND our ability to feel Pleasure, potentially making us more and more desparate in finding it.

The solution - or, one solution - is more social interaction, better integration of ourselves within the group, and possibly also following Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life .. Think of him what you will, but I think his decades or clinical experience in both treatment and research shouldn’t be easily discarded without checking for yourself whether they have any merit.

So .. better look out you’re aware of the Difference between Happiness and Pleasure

… I think it’s worth investing the time and energy to achieve your own Happiness by helping other achieve theirs!

– count, 3.11.2019 23:52, Berlin

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