Deadlines ...

(This post was originally written in german, so that version has the original tone and mood, in case you wanna cross-check ;))

Does this sound familiar? You plan on doing something, have noble goals, plan everything thoroughly .. and nothing happens?

Happened like this here. And in other places in my live, at way too many - and certainly interesting - places.

Why? And why past tense?

Well, there’s a pretty good explanation in Tim Urban’s TED-Talk “Inside the mind of a master procrastinator”, but the gist is: I didn’t set any deadlines. No fixed dates. Nothing. Nada. And there was no pressure, by noone, for no reason.

And the universe delivered. I wanted to write a blog, so the universe let me keep wanting to write a blog.

What changed? Well, this weekend I was on the Kikidan Workshop “How-to PLAN your Life … really good” by Chris Mulzer - and not only got a few new insights, met awesome people, and as usual learned a lot about myself, no … along the lines there was a small, key bit of information .. the DATE column in the TODO-list.

Combined with the TED-Talk mentioned above, my resistance was shattered - and now things just happen, basta.

So: from now on, every Sunday - without planned interruptions - there’ll be a blogpost, without me being able to say right what and how that’ll be exactly. I’ll have to get used to that myself - because I want to.

Let’s allow ourselves to be surprised, hm? ;)

– count, 20.10.2019 17:35, Berlin

P.S: For now, I’ll only translate when I want to - the inner obstacles are high enough even so.

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