About this blog

Welcome to counts-welt.de - a blog about life as such and in particular.

The idea behind this blog is to allow you, the reader, to have a look through my eyes. You’ll find some technical posts, some philosophical posts, some essays, some rants, some general observations, and most likely more questions than answers (okay, hopefully not for the technical bits).

I’ve been reading a lot since I was young, and I keep on reading today, and I’ve found that some - if not all - of the things encountered have added to the tapestry of my mind, sparked my imagination, and actually helped build character. The idea of this blog is to give back some of this - but not only to give you an idea about how I tick, but also why. In most cases, finding this ‘why’ will not be possible - the human mind is too complex for that, and a lot of this comes from the past; but I’m very willing to find out myself, and taking you on the journey with me.

This blog differs from others in that it’s bi-lingual - some ideas form in my head in my native language German, others express themselves in English. Most likely, most if not all technical posts will be in English; while it might vary for others .. I’ll provide translations in some cases by myself, in others I’m totally open for requests or even offers for translations; and will do my best to make sure identical meaning is carried by the text - something which isn’t always possible due to the nature of languages.

Posts will generally not be “point in time” like in other blogs, but cluster around various topics. Some posts will be updated with new informations or revisions, others are likely spark further posts expanding on details or following thoughts or questions brought up by the original posts.

The comment function for the posts is meant to allow discussion and providing feedback; I usually love to get further reading material, feedback and suggestions; and challenging or questioning my ideas in a civilized manner is explicitly wanted and appreciated - I’ll try to update with newer insights. Where possible, I’ll also include references and links to source material.

Social media integration for this blogs is expansive, but deliberately limited per default. I use Google Analytics to gather some statistics and help with integration to the Google search engine; but this can be disabled explicitly by accepting a cookie; which will also disable the use of the Google CDN for the cached delivery of some of the common assets used. The same cookie also controls the optional integration with various other social networking sites; with privacy being the default.

The intent of the content is to be useful as well as interesting - I hope you enjoy it.

Have fun,

– count